Monday, March 3, 2008

Last drinks

Melbourne really decided to turn it on for my last weekend here for quite some time. Having finished work a little later than usual - editing my work to make it harder for my replacement to finish it off - I enjoyed some quiet brews, friendly banter and then a Thai meal with some work mates on the friday.
Feeling pretty chipper first thing in the morning, my energy quickly began to wane, despite multiple coffees and sugary treats. However, I managed push through the mental haze and get on top of my packing and even sneak in a final ski paddle down at Brighton beach before heading out to St. Kilda for Vin and Mark's birthday drinks. Deciding that I needed to take it easy given the upcoming Sunday session, I left it to others, such as my house mate Geeta, to get drunk and a bit messy.
The real highlight of the weekend was getting to spend some quality time with friends at the Corner's Rooftop Bar. The sun was shining - a perfect 28 degrees - the beers were flowing, and the food was a treat - I rate the burgers very highly. Starting at around 2, the day really just seemed to fly by, although I am sure that people must have gotten pretty sick of hearing me repeat my itinerary and explain that I was still waiting for the excitement to really kick in.
Before we knew it, it was 10pm, and with some people having jobs and the like, it was time to say farewell. I made the standard promises about emailing and keeping the blog up to date. However, to confirm what we all already know - it's not going to happen, but I will pretend that I have tried.

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